A Deaf and Dumb Giant

You really have to hand it to the news organizations of America. They are dedicated to protecting the American people from the consequences of their actions.

While their stated mission is to tell people what is actually going on, they have decided that the American people are actually too sensitive to see the truth, so they have put on blinders to shield Americans from images that would be too disturbing.

I remember when Bush and his fellow criminals first began talking about their plans for a campaign of “shock and awe” in Iraq. I shuddered to think of the children in that country, let alone the adults.

And yet the media were happily beating the drums for war. The reporters who should have been asking, “What in God’s name are we doing?” had only one question, every one of them. They were all wondering, “What am I going to wear?”

Europeans, and other countries that are older and more mature, can see images of children crying over the bodies of their parents and parents holding the broken bodies of their children.

Americans, the media have decided, are too sensitive to see such things. We aren’t even allowed to see flag-draped coffins.

This is part of what makes America, in the words of John Rassias, “a deaf and dumb giant in the council of nations.”

The news organizations of America have done such a swell job protecting the American people from the consequences of their actions that I think they deserve their own circle in hell. I’m going to speak to Dante about it the next time I channel the spirits.