A Great Moment for a Stooges Fan

We had a little party at the GoNOMAD Cafe to celebrate my daughter’s television debut on a show called “America’s Next Top Model.”

As she approached the judges, she had a little piece of paper sticking out of her nose. Then she pulled it out. It was one of those paper wrappers they put on soda straws, so it looked like she was pulling a big white worm out of her nostril.

She learned the trick from her mom’s mom Morning Star, but for me, a lifelong fan of The Three Stooges, it was a great moment.

Before your kids are born, you hope they’ll be kind, because if they’re not, nothing else means much. And then you hope they’ll be smart and beautiful. And you hope they’ll have some talent that will bring them happiness and satisfaction. But you don’t anticipate that they will be funny, at least I didn’t, and so that becomes a delightful surprise.

I remember Sarah and I used to make a fake radio show with a tape recorder while we were driving around. Our first opening worked so well, that we used it all the time. I would start out, “We’re here live…” and she would say, “Well what else would we be?”

What a wiseguy.