A Quick Tour of Amherst

I have a weekly Skype meeting with my friend Vince Walker in Huntington Beach (Surf City), California, but it was fun to meet in person with him and his wife Atsuko when they made a whirlwind trip to the East Coast this weekend.



We had brunch at the Cushman Cafe in Amherst, where we enjoyed the music of Masala Jazz.


From there we took a beautiful walk through the woods to Puffer’s Pond, where we enjoyed the year’s first snow flurry. The weather cleared up quickly, and we saw a great blue heron standing on the dam.


After taking the scenic walk around the pond, we still had a little time before they had to head to Boston to catch their flight home, so we went to the Emily Dickinson Museum, one of those great cultural assets that locals rarely visit.


All in all it was a great visit, especially considering we had only a few hours.