A Return to Faith-Based Learning

You know you’re in for a good time when you see a work by Hugh Trevor-Roper. He was dispatched by the Allied Command to make sure Hitler was dead. I was entralled by his work, The Last Days of Hitler.

He had also written an essay about witchcraft which is equally enthralling. Witchcraft, he observes, really didn’t exist during the Middle Ages. The belief in witchcraft was considered to be a vestige of paganism.

It was the 1500s, the Renaissance, and the 1600s, the Age of Enlightenment, that saw the heyday of withcraft prosecutions, with thousands of witches being burned alive every year. The Catholic Church, and all the Protestant denominations shared in these prosecutions.

This could be an important lesson for you young people, as we see a greater emphasis on faith-based learning as opposed to the Godless empiricism that has tyrannized the world of science for so many centuries — people relying on their eyes and ears, scientists performing experiments, confirming or disproving results. That’s all part of the past. Hallelujah!

Make no mistake, the Bible states that there are witches and they have to be destroyed. But don’t take my word for it, ask St. Thomas Aquinas, ask Jean Calvin. Thousands of witches have confessed, and they have betrayed their fellow witches. We have their sworn statements that they attended the Devil’s Sabbath and kissed him beneath his tail!

By their own admission they have poisoned wells, killed sheep and caused widespread impotence among Republican bridgegrooms. (Democats are still horny as hell.)

But because of the Godless empiricists, we are denied the tools we need to identify witches, the tools that worked so well in exposing witches in the 15 and 1600s: the implements of torture.

During those days of faith-based learning, thousands of witches confessed and identified their accomplices. All the countries of Europe and even their New England colonies had action-based anti-witchcraft administrations that weren’t hindered by the Godless empiricists.

That’s why the Bush Administration, always advocating for true Christians, strongly endorses torture as an instrument of justice.

Just give us the tools we need and we’ll get confessions and burn these witches alive.