A Rip Van Winkle Tour of the Old Neighborhood

Took a trip to School Street in Dedham, Mass., where I failed to grow up.  On the corner is the bicycle shop that everyone said was a bookie joint, though I don’t know of anyone who ever got a bet down.


I went over to Dave Dethlefs house to see what he was up to, but he wasn’t home. Probably out biking somewhere.


Went to Miss Jakes’ yard to collect some horse chestnuts from the giant tree there. The tree was gone, and so was the wire fence.


Went down Worthington Street to see if my friend Mac Lloyd wanted to hang out. Turns out he’s building cabins in Maine somewhere.


So I thought I’d check in with my friend Peter Bird. Turns out he passed away thirty years ago.


Then I went home to my house, but someone has painted it pinkish brown and done stuff to the old barn.


Went to St. Paul’s Church, where I sang in the choir.


They still have the stained glass window with soldiers trampling on coolie hats.