A Short Manifesto

The founding principle of this blog has always been that it’s not about me, but about the books. That’s a good principle, but as Nero Wolfe’s sidekick Archie Goodwin says, “There are times when a principle should take a nap.”

In the light of recent events, I cannot fail to say to each and every Republican in America, “You are damned to hell.”

You thought you were so cute arranging the election of your puppet to the presidency. And you thought it was really funny when he created a vast pool of desperate unemployed people who would work for you without paid holidays or health insurance. I’m sure you chuckled all the way to the bank.

But your puppet has destroyed the hopes of all humanity for a decent world and you are responsible. The horror and destruction that the future will bring — it’s your fault.

The rape of an Iraqi teenager and the murder of her family, including her seven-year-old sister, that’s your fault. You did it and Saint Peter, although he himself betrayed Jesus three times, will not waste two seconds on you. You betray Jesus every day in everything you do, contaminating the environment for your own gain and trampling the hopes of honest workers for a decent life.

Do you expect to blame it all on the slack-jawed moron you selected as your puppet? Everyone knows he has fewer brains than Alfred E. Newman. He’s your man. He’s doing your bidding and you will be held responsible.

Damn you to hell. I and all the decent people of America are your enemies forever.

You could try praying to the Lord, but it’s way too late.