Ambush on T Street

John Sheldon, Court Dorsey and Al Miller answer questions after a performance of their play "Ambush on T Street."

I was really impressed with a play written and performed by three Pioneer Valley actors, Court Dorsey, John Sheldon and Al Miller called “Ambush on T Street.” They’re performed it several times locally and are now kind of figuring out where  to go next with it.

Lots of us know John Sheldon from his performances with his band Blue Streak. He’s a virtuoso guitarist who once played lead for Van Morrison, and he plays a street musician who provides the soundtrack for the play.

Al Miller plays a homeless Vietnam veteran sleeping on a bench nearby. Court Dorsey plays Miller’s counselor, and also a priest and also his own mother. It’s hard to explain, but it’s really something.

The play explores how to deal with a traumatic past and how to move on without falling into the usual contrived “share your true feelings” tripe. It reaches a climax of forgiveness and redemption the hard way — the right way — by exploring the past in all its complexities witout trying to make it seem simple.

I have a feeling this production is really going somewhere.