Brooklyn’s Chief Exports

In yet another attempt to throw some  stuff out, I tackled some old magazines I’d been saving, including a pile of old New Yorkers in a box with some of my mother’s things. I started reading through them, and “Nope. Can’t toss these, Too entertaining.”

Cast in point an article in the March 8, 2010 edition by Patricia Marx about shopping in Brooklyn.

“If Brooklyn were a country,” she writes, “its chief exports would include artisanal pickles, eco-friendly yoga wear, Red Hook-made Saipua soap, and books written by men named Jonathan.”

Marx also shares an insight about what hipsters hate:

“According to the depressingly astute Web site, among the many things that fill hipsters with loathing are: Starbucks, lip gloss, hard sciences, monogamy, standing up straight, flip-flops, condos, spiky hair, cell phone holsters, U2, biceps, the Kindle, Seth Rogen, knowing their bank balance, Manhattan, bras, running, oldsters, other hipsters, and You.”

“They also  hate staying in one place too long,” she continues, “so let’s follow them northward to Greenpoint, and not give a damn what they think.”