Everyone is Crying Out to Me, Beware

I went to a really enjoyable reading/concert tonight in the intimate and comfortable upstairs room at the Montague Book Mill.

Sara Majka read three of her delightful dream narrative works, which I hope will find their way into print. One is about seeing Peter Pan at a bus station. He was hired back in the 60s, when everybody had wacky ideas, and never got fired, and now he’s kind of old and sad.

The headliner was Alina Simone a native of the Ukraine who grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, sings songs by the late Yanka Dyagileva, a Siberian punk icon, as well as her own material.

She usually performs with a large ensemble, but tonight she accompanied herself on guitar, and all I can say is, Yikes! This lady is the real deal. She has a beautiful, powerful voice and she’s a really first-rate musician and songwriter.

She honed her skills playing on streetcorners in Austin, Texas, and in clubs in New York. Her albums are called ‘Everyone is Crying Out to Me, Beware,’ ‘Placelessness,’ and ‘Prettier in the Dark.’