Joe’s Other Website

I went to a great new restaurant in Greenfield called Hope and Olive last week for an exhibit of oil paintings by E. Joseph McCarthy, who is actually more famous for his tile murals of aquatic scenes at places like Tampa International Airport and the Savannah Hotel in Barbados.

I always loved Joe’s Christmas parties back when he had a studio in The Patch in Turner’s Falls where everyone could color a tile and he would fire them. I still have the tiles that Sarah and I made.

The paintings at this latest exhibit look like cityscapes, and while I don’t know much about abstract art, I found them very interesting, and it was great to see Joe, who is quite a character.

You can see more of his work at

I mentioned that these new works seem to be a departure from the fish and another central theme of his work: women’s underwear.

“I’ve got another website for that,” he says and hands me a second card:

“But don’t tell anyone about it,” he says. I guess  he’s concerned that the “wet panties” section might turn off some of his artsy-fartsy patrons.

So I promised to keep his other website a secret, and I know you will, too.