Just This Once I’m "It"

One of the chief selling points of my blog has always been that it’s not about me; it’s about the books. But today it has to be because I’ve been tagged by my friend Mridula and the conditions of the tag, as I understand them, are that you have to name (and link to) the blogger who tagged you and you have to tag six other bloggers (with links) and you have to say eight things about yourself.

I really enjoy Mridula’s blogs and all the other bloggers she links to, so this is a fun project for me. And as for the eight things about me, I’ll make them all short and sweet.

So I’d like to tag:

my pal Sony Stark at Pilotgirl Productions

GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne (Readuponit)

Senior Travel Editor Kent E. St. John (Be Our Guest)

Distinguished contributor Liz Y. Brian (I Tend to Wander)

A great blog from Nepal I came across (Sirensongs))

As for the eight things about me:

1. I’ve met someone who met someone who met Mark Twain. My mom met Helen Keller who, Mark Twain said, was the most interesting person he ever met. And since Mark Twain met Ulysses S. Grant and Ulysses S. Grant met Abraham Lincoln… you get the idea.

2. I once received a Christmas card from Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

3. I have read almost all the novels of Arduous Huxley.

4. Me and my daughter and our singing dog Shucks performed in a talent show with Kurt Vonnegut.

5. I met The Great Spirit in a dream, but I don’t talk about it much, except to total strangers.

6. I have written two songs, “Everyone Else Think/That’s What I Think,” and “I Feel Like A Normal Human Being Today.”

7. I don’t have a high school diploma.

8. My favorite book is Coniston by the other Winston Churchill.