Kinsey Has Great Sex

I’ve been looking for escapist reading lately and greatly enjoyed Thank You Mr. Moto by J.P. Marquand. That whole series is very entertaining and well researched. Mr. Moto represents the peace faction in Japan, which is trying to keep the war faction from taking power. Didn’t work, but entertaining nonetheless.

I was disappointed with my Rex Stout Nero Wolfe trilogy Three Men Out (1952), but it did have a World Series game between the Red Sox and the New York Giants (They moved to San Francisco in 1957) where four Giants players are drugged and another is slain with a baseball bat.

And in an earlier story there’s a 1952 recipe for “il pesto” as prepared by Fritz Brenner (Nero Wolfe’s cook) which has pig intestines and some exotic kind of cheese. I’ll look it up for you if you want.

Then I spotted the new Sue Grafton in the supermarket. My prayers were answered. I shelled out full price. Kinsey Milhonne, who won my heart many years ago, is helping an aged millionaire keep track of his wastrel daughter.

Then Kinsey has some really great sex with a fellow cop and the next day she doesn’t care whether he calls her or not. She’s had a great time. She would probably like to have a great time again, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference one way or the other. Right on Kinsey.

The guy sounds ok, except for changing clothes three times a day and driving a Mercedes convertible. I’m not done with the book yet; he could easily turn out to be the bad guy.

I’m recollecting the very first book in the Kinsey Milhonne series that I wrote a poem about which I will share with you:

Kinsey found a guy who gave great head
And shot him dead.

I have to say in her defense that he was intent on doing the same to her. She had to hide inside a trash can on the beach and then pop up and blow him away. That’s the kind of resourcefulness that won my heart.

In Kinsey Milhonne’s world, love is where you find it.