La Amistad and the Greatness of America

I have always been sickened by the people who are always talking about the greatness of America. I believe they are airheads who know nothing about American history.

Personally I don’t think a nation can be called great while its citizens condone the branding of human beings.

So while America may have contained the seeds of greatness prior to 1865, I refuse to refer to it as a great nation. It wasn’t. Don’t ask me, ask John Quincy Adams.

I bought a video of Amistad six months ago and just never got around to watching it. There are telltale signs you’re in for a great movie — Anthony Hopkins, Steven Spielberg, Morgan Freeman…

I’m sure most of you have seen this film, but if you haven’t, I hope you will take the time. It shows how obscure lawyers and ex-presidents can set our country on the right course and uphold the greatness of America.

Is the US a great country now? Well that’s open to question, but there’s no doubt we took a bold step forward on November the Fifth. 2008.