My Buddy Brown Bear on TV

This is a screen shot from when my buddy Brown Bear was on national television, when Sarah got voted off the island on America’s Next Top Model. If you remember she lost weight so she wasn’t a plus-size anymore, but not enough weight to be a minus-size.

As she closed the door, she said, “Goodbye, House,” and I could picture her in her jammies reading Goodnight, Moon.

I blogged about it at the time, but I just figured out how to find the episodes on You Tube and take screen shots.

Way to go Brown Bear!

Sarah cried when they voted her off, and so did Heather and Jenna, and the other girls were teary too, I think. She’s way over it now, and she gets together with the other girls sometimes. All in all it was a pretty cool experience for all of us.

When I go to the hardware store they still call me “America’s top dad.”