My Buddy Brown Bear

Well it happened at last, Sarah was voted off the island on America’s Next Top Model. As she closed the door on the way out, she was holding my old pal Brown Bear, also known as Softy, her lifelong companion. I was glad that old Softy got to be on national TV.

Then she said, “Goodbye, House” and I remembered her in her PJs reading “Goodnight Moon.”

All her fans here in Franklin County were crushed. So was I. I thought she was sure to win. But since the program was taped back in July, Sarah is way over it.

In fact her getting voted off means she can find an agent (We’re thinking her friend Twiggy might help her with that) and with all the folderol about her body size, I think she’ll really be in demand if she feels like modeling.

Don’t you think there’s a clothing maker out there who makes clothes for regular-size people? We’ll see.

Anyway, Sarah’s off in Los Angeles being interviewed for a bunch of television and radio shows who all want to talk about the show. Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time she’ll be on Access Hollywood on NBC.

Brown Bear is back in the dorm at Drew, where Sarah is taking a bunch of great courses and acting in student productions. She has a single!