Nobody Cares What I Think

Nobody cares what I think, and why should they? I’m just a burned-out hippie from the Age of Aquarius.

This is not a sad thing at all, just something to be recognized in order to be in better accord with the world as it is.

You might not care what I think, but I’m very sure you would be interested to know what my friend Susanne Hoder thinks. And I’m sure that if you have a conscience, you will be interested in what my friend Daoud Nassar thinks.

And if you think “The Wall” between Irael and Palestine is a straight line, you’re living in the land of the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

When I express my outrage at the treatment of Palestinian Moslems and Chrisitians, I find the only people who give a rat’s ass are American Jews.

When Susanne Hoder came and addressed an assemblage of eight people in Hadley, I was outraged about what I learned, and I turned to the Computer Mensch Frank Aronson, who was taping the proceedings,  and he said, “We need to start kicking some butt.”

All the Christians are a bunch of slack-jawed idiots who believe that the army of the Israelites is always doing the will of God.

American Jews are beginning to understand that without a two-state solution, because they haven’t yet been able to prevent the Palestinians from procreating, Israel will become a nation with at least two different levels of citizenship, like their erstwhile ally South Africa.

Nobody cares what I think. That’s a good thing for me to bear in mind. But you might be interested to know what Daniel Levy of the New American Foundation said, and this is what the old warrior Ariel Sharon, and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert  saw so clearly:

“We begin to look like South Africa, and when that happens, even our Jewish supporters in the United States won’t be with us any longer.”

Socrates once asked, “Who is the true friend? One who takes your side, no matter what, or one who corrects you when he thinks you’re wrong?”

I asssert that I and Susanne Hoder and Daoud Nassar are true friends of Israel.

The United States now provides, every year,  about $500 worth of aid for every man, woman and child in Israel, and I’m all for this. But if Israel continues to act cruelly and stupidly and contrary to its own interests…

I have said before that America once had a president who could stand up to Israel and urge them to act in accordance with international law, and his name was Ike.

If you wish to make the case that Israel has been negotiating in good faith for the last 20 years, why is it that the settlements in the West Banks have grown steadily year by year?

Didn’t George Mitchell go there 20 years ago and determine that the settlements in the West Bank were an obstacle to peace? And haven’t those settlements grown exponentially every single year since then?

If there’s any good faith here, I sure can’t see it.

And you must remember, the rest of the world sees this conflict as it is. When an old woman is shot down in the street for a curfew violation that turns out not to be a curfew violation, European and Asian and African viewers see it.

American viewers are too young to see it. Likewise they’re too young to see the imprint on shell fragments, left in the wake of the slaughter of 1,000 people in Gaza, that said, “Made in USA.”

The children in Gaza are old enough to see these fragments.  Isn’t it time for the people of America to see the truth?

No, you’re right. They’re not old enough. It would be too much of a shock. And it might promote peace with other nations in an era when it’s so important to keep the public ignorant and fearful.