"Old Paper That Made My Dad Cry"

I also write a blog for the ParkSleepFly.com website. Here’s an entry I found kind of moving, in a funny way:

“Old Paper That Made My Dad Cry”

We’ve come a long way from the old snapshots from a Brownie camera pasted into albums with little black corner stickers. Now families can record their trips in travel blogs that are getting easier and easier to set up. Friends and relatives can hear all about your trip while you’re still taking it.

In an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Tom Wharton quotes Duane Rogowski, who found that setting up a family travel blog was surprisingly easy:

“You don’t need to be computer literate at all,” he said. “They have a template. I wanted my stories here and pictures there. We could pick the background and colors. It was easy to do.”

Rogowski’s family passed around their laptop during their trip so everyone in the family could contribute. Some of the most interesting entries are written by his six-year-old daughter Kylee:

“My Dad was driving and then he stopped real fast and told me to go save the animal in front of Tito [the car]. Chris came with me and when we got in front of Tito there was a turtle walking across the road. I picked it up and put it in the grass by the road and he let me pet his shell. I’m happy my Dad did not run the turtle over.”

Here’s her entry about Washington, DC: “I saw the house the president lives in. The Washington Monument has two different colors of stones. We saw old paper that made my Dad cry.”

That old paper was the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.