Precisely to the Brim

Precisely to the Brim

I don’t know whether this is a poem. Or not.

I don’t know why it has taken me more than half a century to figure out that measuring the water you put in the teapot when you’re making tea or coffee saves a lot of time and electricity (or gas).

I used to have a pint or two left over in the kettle that I heated up and didn’t use every time I made tea, which tends to be a lot if you give up beer and soda.

A cup of water takes about five minutes to boil on my electric stove, and there’s two cups to a pint, so that’s ten or twenty kilowatt minutes that I can save by measuring. Plus ten to twenty minutes of my precious time.

And you can amaze your friends when you empty the kettle into the teapot, and fill it precisely to the brim.

Okay, okay, some of it burns off, but not enough so they’d notice. It helps to choose friends who are easily amazed.