Preppy Loafers For a Dime

I went up to the Deerfield Academy tag sale a couple of weeks ago to get me some preppie shoes, and sure enough I found a pair of really cool loafers that someone wore in the snow and they got wet and there was road salt all over them.

So I got them for a dime and shined them up and then all the rest of the salt came out, so then I shined them up again and sure enough I got me a genuine pair of preppy loafers for a dime.

These are different from the ones we wore back in the day; there’s no place to put a penny. But they’re made of really nice leather — Corinthian, maybe! — and the soles are cleverly reinforced with rubber. Everything about them says, “expensive.”

So I’m sure you’re saying, “Steve, you spent decades getting past the whole preppy white power elite thing. Are you reverting to type in your old age?”

Naw… It doesn’t count if you get them for a dime.