The Enemy is Retreating; It’s Time to Charge

I believe it’s time to take over the party of Abraham Lincoln and restore it to its original principles. I believe the best thing people of conscience can do right now is to join the Republican Party.

I am an ardent supporter of President Obama, but that’s because he’s carrying our flag. He’s carrying the flag of the very first Republican president. Need some time? He’s on the money.

I don’t know a single Democrat who has not at one time or another been disgusted by a party that is wedded to futility. You probably don’t rememberr Eleanor Roosevelt refusing to support JFK and throwing her support to two-time loser Adlai Stevenson, but we all lived through the last expensive months of the Hillary Clinton campaign…

On top of that, a significant percentage are on the take, as you can see clearly from the health care debate.

What if we had principled opponents on the other side of the aisle instead of right-wing nut jobs? The answer is (and Charles Dickens noticed this in 1840) that the principled candidates gain no support… Why? Not enough moderate Republicans.

What if we had a wave of moderate Republicans? Especially a wave of moderate women Republicans? That would be a nightmare for Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, because they would no longer have a party organization to glorify them.

The first thing that’s needed is to get moderate Republican candidates into the pipeline as school committe members and selectmen and city councilors and state reps. We should have a (chaperoned) internship programs to educate moderate Republican young people who have an interest in serving their community and their state and their country.

At this early stage, they might have to serve their internships with Democrats, but that’s only because, as I said, the Democrat are carrying the flag of Lincoln.

Now the Republican strategists, if they’re smarter than I think they are, might counter by running a bunch of right-wing nutjob Democrats like Joe Lieberman. But I don’t think they have the resources to do that, and if they do, the Lincoln Republicans can always cross back over.

If you want to identify a moderate Republican, you need only ask one simple question: “Do you believe that dinosaurs roamed the earth for hundreds of millions of years?” A moderate Republican will answer yes.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Who’s with me? The enemy is retreating in disarray. Let’s fix bayonets and charge. I’m speaking here for Abraham Lincoln and Vesta Roy and Susan McLane. Let’s cleanse the Augean Stables and restore the party of Lincoln to the principles of decency.