The Will of God Almighty

I have written before about my friend Daoud Nassar, the founder of the Tent of Nations near Bethlehem, a center for international peace and understanding.

The Israelis have been trying to seize Daoud’s land, despite the fact that his grandfather paid taxes to the Ottoman Turks and has the receipts to prove it. Still he has to pay thousands of dollars to go to court in Israel to prove that his family owns the land.

Saturday 25 soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces broke through the gates on Daoud’s farm and rousted out his family and 45 international visitors at gunpoint. (Daoud was not there at the time.)

Kay Plitt of the Friends of Tent of Nations, North America writes, “The family members who were present were made to leave the house and stand outside in the cold and dark. There were 45 volunteers and international visitors sleeping in the tents, including a group of young German women ages 18-21 and their group leader.

“The group leader was lead outside and held at gunpoint as the soldiers went through the house and the compound searching for who knows what! This took a couple of hours, and was, of course, a terrifying experience – which it was intended to be.”

One particular focus of the soldiers’ frustration was a large rock inscibed with the words “We refuse to be enemies.” They tried to efface the inscription, but were unsuccessful, so they rolled the rock into a crevasse.

I read in the Bible that the Israeli army is doing the will of Almighty God, but it does make one curious why Almighty God would be annoyed by a rock with some writing on it.