Touring Canada by Rail

The Parliament of Quebec
The Parliament of Quebec

I just got back from a railway tour of Eastern Canada, beginning in Toronto, passing through Ottawa and Montreal and ending in Quebec, and I had a great time. These cities are all great destinations with first-rate restaurants, performance centers and historical attractions.

Clickety-clacking through the countryside, I find, is the most relaxing way to go. I’ll pick a train over a bus or a plane or a rental car any time. Maybe it’s the hypnotic rythym of the train. Maybe it’s the hot towels or the wine with dinner or the web connectivity. Train trips are a great opportunity to get things done.

The Via Rail employees I spoke to really like their jobs, and that’s something that really shows up in the level of service.

But the most important part is taking passengers to these four great destinations. The number one question GoNOMAD writers are supposed to answer is “Why go?”

So over the next few weeks, I’ll give you an answer to that question with regard to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. You might not end up going there, but I hope you’ll get an idea of all the fun I had.