Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly in Winter's Bone

When I heard about Winter’s Bone, the winner of the Sundance Film Festival, I planned to see it in the theater, but never got around to it. I saw it on video last night, and it was fantastic.

It’s based on a book by Daniel Woodrell about hillbilly meth burners in Missouri, and it’s a riveting slice of lifeĀ  — the house trailers and the pickups and the squirrel guts.

Jennifer Lawrence gives an Oscar-level performance — flat-out brilliant — and the supporting cast is superb, right down to the toothless grandmas. Lawrence plays Ree Dolly, whose father is about to miss a court date, and he has put the family house up as bond. She has to find him or she and her little brother and sister and deranged mother will have no place to live.

She has to go through guys likeĀ  Teardrop and Thump and Blond Milton, and the plot gets incredibly complicated, but the viewer never gets bored and it all adds up in the end.

This movie is so good it makes me want to read the book. And just hearing Marideth Sisco sing, that’s worth the price of admission right there.