A Prototype for the Future

They say when you start out blogging you have all kinds of wonderful ideas and pretty soon you’re writing about what you had for dinner.

I guess that might apply to me with my mailbox video. Actually, it was a prototype that we’re going to use on GoNOMAD and on the GoNOMAD blogs — a little snatch of video to enhance the story.

I’m seeing the wave of the future, and I’m so glad I have friends like Max Hartshorne and Kent St. John and Sony Stark and Cindy Lou Dale and David Rich and Matthew Kadey and Jackie Stevenson and so many others to advise me on this. We need to find a place for video on our site, and I believe we can do it in our tried and true GoNOMAD way.

That would mean opening it up to all the writers in the world and saying, “Write us a great story, with great pictures, and then add a short video that gives the reader an added insight into what your story is all about.”

To give credit where it is due, I got the idea from Mridula Dwivedi and Suruchi Dumpawar, who added videos to their stories that gave the reader a new perspective.

In fact GoNOMAD has always been on the cutting edge of travel videos. I must ask, “Are we, or are we not, the only website in the world with video images of the sacred catfish of Burkina Faso?”

If you look into it, I think you’ll find that we are. That particular breakthrough in the history of multimedia presentations was brought to you by our most intrepid nomad David Rich and our brilliant webmaster, Joe O’Beng.

These are the guys who keep us on the cutting edge, and we intend to stay there.