My Latest Loot

I’ve been tag sailing and flea marketing to beat the band in these last days of fall, and I’ve picked up some great loot. Lots of great reads and ‘great listens’ for a quarter.

I’ve got enough Sherlock Holmes stories on tape for my next eight car trips, plus Dragnet and Green Hornet radio shows.

I found mint condition LPs by Little Richard, The Dave Clark Five, Gerry and the Pacemakets, and Leslie Gore (You Don’t Own Me!) plus some great Sinatra, plus my fourth mint LP by Les Paul and Mary Ford, plus an LP (also mint) of Marlene Dietrich in Brazil.

I actually found a volume called “Dr. Doolittle on the Moon,” and felt compelled to read it. I’d have to say in my view it was an utter waste of time, but somebody else might want it. It is rather obscure.

I found books by Jack Paar and Steve Allen, vintage paperbacks, two new Tony Hillerman books, an Oxford Edition of Moll Flanders, and possibly best of all, a book called “Topper” by Thorne Smith, which purports to be “a ribald adventure.”

Does anyone remember that old TV show? Topper? I loved that show. It had the funny old guy and his dog and the glamorous gal, who were all ghosts. I can’t wait to read the book.