Carol Burnett on Law and Order

I currently have a household situation that causes me to look heavenward and say thanks: three congenial housemates. In 12 years here at Harmony House, it has often been otherwise. In fact we have been visited here by a number of evil spirits including evil spirit number one, whose name is Legion.

We have heard the cries of souls in torment and we have endured the condescension of… never mind. We’ve had scads of wonderful people, too. Then sometimes we have a mix.

Anyway, two housemates are fans of Law and Order, which I never watched much before, but it turns out you can actually watch it 24 hours a day. It wasn’t long before I was hooked.

I’d stand there watching and then when the commercials came on I’d go out with my wheelbarrow and get a load of cordwood.

When I got back the commercials would be almost over and I would listen to the show while I loaded the wood box.

The writing is solid and responsible, and there’s that guy who went to Groton School, like Franklin D. Roosevelt and the judge in My Cousin Vinny and me. He shills for some investment company, too — good actor.

I read where the show has been very beneficial for actors in New York because they always need new victims and judges and witnesses.

Then I saw the one with Jason Jones as a right-wing radio guy, and I realized that these guys are shaping public opinion in a very good way.

Then tonight I came home and there was Carol Burnett playing the wife of a guy who had murdered a prostitute and her boyfriend. She had a great role and she nailed it. I stood there in wonderment.

I was so glad to see an actress and comedienne that I have known and loved since childhood give such a great performance on a 21st Century show. It wasn’t surprising that Carol Burnett nailed the role. The surprise for me was that there’s still someone around who can write a role for Carol Burnett to nail.

I know that sounds crotchety, but gol durnit, it’s true. Look at all the other crap on TV these days. Good writing like that, I have to doff my bowler.

There’s something about Carol Burnett that audiences have always loved, and it warms the cockles of my heart to see that this is still true.